Is Rose Water the Cure for Rosacea and Acne?!

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Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been gone for a couple days, but now I am back and ready to tackle this new week. As you may or may not know, I have been trying to heal my rosacea, acne and dry skin. I have tried many different products, have become vegan and am constantly discovering new possibilities on how I can cure my skin condition. This week I tried a rose water mask, and all I have to say is I LOVE it!

Why use rose water on your skin?!
Rose water is beneficial because it acts as an anti- inflammatory and soothes irritated skin. Also, can be used as a moisturizer as it helps trap moisture into your skin.  According to Duncan.

What rose water mask did I use?!
I used The creme shop rose water face mask. It smells amazing and is cruelty free. 

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I purchased mine at a Harmon discount beauty supply.
You can also buy them here. 

I did try another face mask the Yes To: Miracle Oil Calm & Soothe Primrose Oil Mud Mask.

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I did not like this mask, it was irritating and made my skin redder.
Which is the opposite of what its supposed to do. I bought this mask at target. 

Which one did I like?!
The Creme Shop mask

The one noticeable difference between the two masks was that The Creme Shop mask was a sheet mask while the Yes To was a mud mask. The sheet mask are better because you do not have to scrub anything off your face unlike the mud mask. You simply just pull the mask off. The Yes To irritated my face and made it more red. I do like Yes To products normally but this mask was not good for me.

The Creme Shop face rose water mask reduced the swelling on my face, dried out any blemishes I had and helped my redness. I will definitely be trying more of their products and be using the face mask again. Hopefully the more I use rose water, the better the results will be.

I will be trying more products that contain rose water, and let you know how I like them!

Check out my other blogs on my skin condition, I hope it helps!