Kodiak Pancakes.. YOU should be making these!

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I LOVE pancakes, they are so comforting, and I am constantly looking for products to try or new recipes to try. I recently started making Kodiak cakes pancakes after I stumbled upon them on Youtube. They are extremely easy to make, packed with protein and delicious. I mean what else could you ask for, am I right ?

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This is what the box looks like. 

I like the buttermilk pancakes, but I also tried the cinnamon oat mix as well. I am not crazy about cinnamon so they were not amazing to me. They have many flavors which you can find here. If I am just making them for myself I make about 1/2 cup which has 14 grams of protein. That is insane! So much protein in a pancake, and its yummy. What could be better? NOTHING

All you need to do is combine the pancake mix with equal parts water and voila its ready for the pan. I heat the pan with a little organic Earth Balance buttery spread, then pour the mixture into the pan and flip when it starts to bubble, you know its time to flip! Let it cook for another minute and its ready! Super easy, right?

Why do I like these ? 

I like these particular pancakes because they are easy to make and packed with protein, so when I do have pancakes which is rare these are perfect. Everyone in my house loves them and they are not too bad for you. I also like that they do not contain a lot of ingredients, that is always a good sign when buying any product.

Where to buy?

I buy mine at ShopRite they are $4.99 originally but usually on sale for $3.99. You can also buy them in a larger size on Amazon.


I like my pancakes with bananas, how do you like yours?

If you try them let me know what you think! 🖤<<<<<<