Birthday dinner at Carmines! YUMMM

Every year for my birthday I go to Carmines, it is one of my favorite restaurants. It is a family style Italian restaurant and the food is delicious. There are 6 locations, 2 in NYC, and one in D.C, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and at the Atlantis. I have been to both locations in NYC and they are both amazing. Today is my birthday 🎈, but yesterday I celebrated my birthday at Carmines! I wanted to share my food and experience and encourage everyone to go!


They have a bar and there are old fashioned pictures all over the restaurant. The restaurant is two floors, and pretty large. 


This is the menu, if the prices seem too high remember it is family style. The menu is also posted all around the restaurant on giant boards. They have many options so I am sure your party will find items you can all agree on!


Every restaurant I like starts off with bread. I mean.. why not? Its amazing and Carmines is so yummy! In the basket above is 4 different kinds of bread, and the more people the more bread you receive!


This is fried zucchini and it is my favorite item on the menu. It is crunchy, so addictive and delicious. Make sure you sprinkle grated cheese on top!


Chicken parmigiana.. it is perfection and the meat is cooked to perfection. My grandma makes amazing chicken parmigiana but this is about as good as hers! Can’t go wrong!


This is penne alla vodka, which is very scrumptious! Our waitress served the pasta as soon as it touched our table, messing up my picture. BUT thats okay! The sauce was delicious and the pasta was al dente. 


So what about drinks?! They have a bar in the front of restaurant, so the options are endless and of course many different wines. For my family we stick to water.. still, sparkling or tap. Again more choices.

It is a fabulous restaurant, that is perfect for any occasion. Everyone is super nice and friendly. I always had amazing waitresses and waiters, they never disappear.

My one tip is that I do recommend making a reservation, I have never personally just walked in but I am sure you could. Lunch time is probably the best time to walk in. The wait might be long though. So my advice is make a reservation and enjoy!!🖤