Do you have a food intolerance? Let me help you find out!

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Mistakenly I have come across a food that I am sensitive/ intolerant too. What is it? EGGS! Which is soo weird, I did not even think that you could be intolerant to eggs… I mistakenly found this out because I noticed that when I had a protein smoothie for breakfast and even though I did not sleep great the night before… I felt GREAT! However, the next day I ate eggs and within an hour I felt nauseous, I had stomach pain, and I was extremely tired. When I googled my symptoms and reflected on the last week, I realized that every time I ate eggs, I would feel sick. So the moral of the story is no more eggs for me,  and another thing to add to my lists of food that I can no longer eat.

SO what is a food intolerance?
The easiest way to explain food intolerance is that your body is unable to break down or digest that particular food, which causes you to feel ill.

– Nausea
– Cramping
-Gas and bloating

It is important to reconginize the symptoms after eating certain foods. For me it was easy because it was the only thing I ate that day. BUT you can figure out what foods you are intolerant to, if you pay attention.

Common foods that you could be intolerant to:

  • Eggs 🍳
  • Milk🥛
  • Shellfish 🍤
  • Peanuts/treenuts🥜
  •  Wheat🍞

Food intolerances can be avoidable if you find out what foods do not make you feel good. Luckily most foods that you could be intolerant to are easy to live without, especially milk, just buy or use lactose free products. For eggs, there are many subsitutes, and for peanuts and shellfish, you can just not eat them. The tricky one is wheat, a lot of products contain wheat, even when you do not think it would but gluten free products are readily available at most grocery stores.

I hope this helps; and I will soon be posting breakfast recipes because I can no longer eat eggs! Let me know if you have any questions or info to share!