Vi-ta-min… VITAMINS

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I am currently trying to heal my rosacea and acne, and I have learned that they need to be treated differently. I came to this conclusion because treatments that work for my acne may not work for my rosacea and vice versa. I have been healing my acne by trying many different methods.. BUT vitamins are extremely important and I take many.

SO what do I take and why I take them?

Vitamin A– I take this to help development and maintenance of my skin.
Vitamin B12- Its essential for healthy skin and hair.
VitaminD–  Help bone health and my immune system.
Zinc- Balances hormones and helps maintain my digestive system.
Magnesium – Helps maintain inflammation.
Biotin – Helps improve hair health and maintain my nervous system.
Probiotic- To help maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent a leaky gut*.
L-Glutamine- Helps my gut function.
Betaine HCI- Helps maintain my digestive system
Spirulina- I take it because it helps inflammation.
Gaba- This is to help me stay asleep
Melatonin- This is to help me fall asleep  ( I do not sleep well, or am able to sleep throughout the night. This is why I take gaba and melatonin.)

*I discussed that I take many vitamins for my digestive system and to help prevent a leaky gut. A leaky gut was explained to me as that there is damage to your small intestine which results in bacteria being able to leak into your intestines and flood your blood stream.  This is important to me because this could be a cause of my rosacea, which is why I pay special attention to keeping my digestive system healthy and healing my leaky gut.

Choosing vitamins can be a very tricky process and everyone has different needs. If you have rosacea, consider taking some of the vitamins I have listed above.
I know it may seem intimidating but I  feel it is better to try to heal my rosacea the all natural way, instead of using medications and chemicals.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!!