Cheat day: Why it is IMPORTANT!

Since changing my eating habits, I have learned the importance of cheat days.  I  have a cheat day once a week, normally it would be when my Dallas Cowboys were on… but now that the seasons over, it’s just when I am craving something.

How do I define a cheat day?
Originally,  on cheat day I would eat 3 meals a day that were bad for me. For example, for breakfast I would make pancakes, for lunch I might have a burger or go to Chick Fil A and for dinner, I would have pizza. <— Is not what you are supposed to do! You will not feel good, extremely sluggish and tired.
NOW, I would define a cheat day, as having a cheat meal. For instance, for lunch or dinner, I might have a burger or pasta. I do not think it is worth it to have an entire day filled with food that is 1… not good for you and 2… you are not used to eating. IMG_1946This is a burger from a restaurant near my house, it has deep fried onion, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and bacon with a side of fries. ( Fries are my favorite food, a burger is my next favorite.) I am not supposed to eat beef because of my rosacea… BUT oh well!!

I would eat this burger for lunch, and then follow my same breakfast and dinner menu as I do the rest of the week.

Why are cheat days important?
I realized cheat days are important when I stopped wanting to eat because I did not enjoy food anymore. I know this might sound silly, because it is. BUT , when you make the transition from eating whatever you want to barely eating anything. It can be rough which is why I need a cheat meal once a week to satisfy my craving for something I truly enjoy because eating salad everyday….. its a struggle somedays y’all.

Should you work out on cheat day?
My personal opinion is yes, if you are going to have a cheat meal then working out will definitely not hurt. It is probably not the best idea to give in to your cravings and then lay around all day. Take a day off when you are eating clean, not on your cheat day.

I hope this helps someone struggling with cheat days! If you want to know where I go for my burger then let me know! 🖤