What do I eat?! My favorite food products!

I have mentioned in  My life consists of one food, Lettuce. Blah! post that I am extremely limited when it comes to the foods that I can eat and have learned to eat very clean. I try to make my meals as enjoyable as possible, but some days my meals are just boring!.

So what do I eat? Nothing.. Just kidding.. sorta.
2 Organic eggs ( scrambled or over easy)
2 slices of Trader Joe’s sprouted flour less whole wheat berry bread toasted with Earth Balance organic whipped buttery spread
Decaff coffee with natural bliss caramel almond milk creamer

Lunch- (Salad)
Organic romaine lettuce
Organic turkey, chicken or Trader Joe’s quinoa cowboy veggie burger ( I usually only eat the veggie burger once a week, but it is very good!)
Good Seasons Italian dressing ( I mix the Italian seasoning packet with avocado oil, red wine vinegar and water)

Organic chicken or turkey ( check out my Baked flaxseed chicken cutlets)
2 green veggies (Organic broccoli, peas, green beans or brussel sprouts)
Organic rice or sweet potato ( twice a week I eat this)

What do I drink?
2 liters of water a day, besides the one cup a coffee I drink in the morning.
I drink coffee obviously not for the caffeine since I drink decaff but because I enjoy coffee.

I wanted to share what I eat because living with rosacea and trying to lose weight is challenging especially when you are trying to decide what food to eat. I hope this helps and if you have any food/meals I could try, let me know!