Apple Watch Series 3 Review!!

I am an apple product fanatic, I love my Iphone and have had four different Iphones. About a year ago I upgraded to the 7 plus and oh gosh do I love it! I do not know how I survived with out it. That being said, this year I have started working out more seriously, it was not only a way to get in shape but also a way to help my anxiety and stress levels…

So what does this have to do with the apple watch? Well, I will tell you!!
I recently received the new apple watch series 3 with cellular and GPS from Santa. I wanted this watch because I wanted to be able to track my fitness, for example how many steps I have taken in a day, how many calories I have burned, and even my heart rate.
I know some may be thinking, well your Iphone can track your steps, which it most certainly can! BUT I am sure that most people like myself , do not constantly have their phone in their hand. For example when I am on the treadmill or bike, I do not hold my phone.
SO let me tell you about the apple watch….

This is the front face of the watch, I have customized my background, which you are able to do. (I have the rose gold watch.)

This is the side of the watch, the red button functions the same as the home button on your Iphone.  The other oval shaped button is how you turn the watch on and off. I have read other reviews, and some have said they do not like the red button. BUT, it is only on the apple watch that includes cellular, and to be honest I do not even notice that it is red.

This is the activity tracker app, as you can see I have not done much  today yet, but it will track your calories, exercise, and how long you stand. I find the calorie burner tracker very helpful.

This is an app that is already installed on your watch, it lists workouts that you could do. When you open the goal, it will track how long you are doing that particular exercise and how many calories you burn, as well as your heart rate.

This is an app I downloaded, I wanted to keep track of how much water I drink. I have customized my goal which is 2.2 liters a day.

Along with the great apps I have mentioned, you can also receive and send text messages, make and receive calls, access your calendar, the weather, alarms, email, maps, news and music. ( So much you can do, on such a tiny device) Customize it however you like, and truly make it your own. I am loving my watch and I hope his review helps you decide if its right for you too! 🖤<<<<