Homemade oil treatment!

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Face treatments for rosacea, and acne can be quite challenging. Actually that is a lie, it is very challenging! Rosacea and acne need to be treated differently, but this treatment helps my acne while not making my rosacea worse. This treatment started when my mom read about how castor oil can be beneficial for the skin. So once we did some research on different oils and after many trial and errors, I finally found the right combination.

This is not only a treatment for my acne but can also be used a moisturizer, which helps my dry skin.

My recipe
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon castor oil
1 teaspoon grape seed oil
*store in a glass container

How to use?
While your face is dry, massage oil into the skin. Make sure you do not miss any areas, then let sit on skin for about eight to ten minutes. Take a clean wash cloth and run under warm water, do not use cold water and if you have rosacea like myself do not use hot water. Wring out wash cloth and place over face. Wait till wash cloth turns cold and remove from face. Using the wash cloth helps steam the impurities out of your face. You can use the wash cloth to wipe off any excess oil.
I do this treatment at night daily, and it has helped my acne.

Let me know your thoughts.
Hope it helps 🖤