How about them, boys! ★

The day: Thanksgiving 2017.
The place: AT&T Stadium, Arlington Texas!

I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, my dad has been a super fan since he was just a little blonde haired toddler. As my parentals have gotten older they have been realizing that life is short and if you have the opportunity to do something… GO FOR IT! So here we were flying from New York to Dallas✈️.

Thanksgiving morning, we headed  to the stadium, totally unaware of the chaos we were about to be thrown into. The first glimpse at the stadium is surreal. I’ve seen it on t.v so many times but in person was even better than I could have imagined.

The first picture I took that day!

The next part of the day was the Walmart adventure. Sure I have been to a few wal-marts in my life but NOTHING like this! It was the most overwhelming experience. Being from New York, I see NY Giants merchandise everywhere but the Cowboys have gotten everyone beat.

With a store like this and a lot of other places to buy cowboys merch…. you can say I am fully equipped with Dallas Cowboy clothing. (This video was taken for my snapchat, apologize its not the best quality.)


The best part of the day is still to come, because at this point I have not walked into the stadium yet! BUT are you ready to see?! I don’t know if you are.  Brace yourselves!


IMG_1781I am truly in Jerry’s world.

The Cowboys lost.. and it was a bad game but I did not care! I am extremely grateful and blessed to be able to travel to Texas and experience a Dallas Cowboy game at the most incredible stadium!! And besides, I have been a Cowboys fan my whole life, one loss is not going to ruin my fun!



This trip to the AT&T Stadium was one of the things I always wanted to do, and remember no matter what anything is possible. 🖤