The many medications for a rosacea patient… that do not work. At least for me!

Right after I graduated college I was told that I had developed rosacea and acne as well as dry skin. However, I started noticing what looked like a rash around my eyes about two months before I was formally diagnosed by a dermatologist. The dermatologist had explained what rosacea is, which honestly I still do not understand fully and all I know is that it sucks and my pale skin is red and blotchy.
So how do we fix it? There had to be medications that can help, right? Well, there are medications but they do not always help.

Medications I have tried !!!

I started off taking Doxycycline 40 mg capsules which is for fighting bacteria in the body.  This medication made me sick, if I did not eat something heavy like a bagel then I would be extremely nauseous. I tried the medication for about three months and even upped my dosage to 120 mg but I did not see any results.

Sumadan Liquid Wash
My doctor has also prescribed a face wash called Sumadan Wash Liquid, I will say although this does not get rid of my acne or rosacea it does calm the redness and dry up my skin for a little while.  The only problem I had with this sulfur face wash was that when I used it before working out, as soon as I would start to sweat my skin would burn.  I still use it time to time along with other face washes.

Soolantra and Aczone
These creams I used for a while but like the rest of my medications that I have tried, they did not show the effects that I wanted to see. I do not have any complaints about these, no crazy side effects but they just did not work for me.

My decision to try a more holistic approach!!

The medications that I have tried, which are listed above did not work for me. However, they may work for you! and I hope they do! After I stopped taking medications I decided to heal my body from the inside  → out. It was and still is important to me to find the right vitamins and natural remedies that can help heal my rosacea and acne.
Food is also important and in a recent post(My life consists of one food, Lettuce. Blah!) I have described the foods I do not eat. Check it out, maybe it can help you too!

To end this post I will share what my skin looks like during a flare up!  I am sharing this to show what this condition looks like and help others know they are not alone. Please be kind, as I normally do not show anyone my face. 🖤