My life consists of one food, Lettuce. Blah!

My fitness journey and my rosacea struggles have worked well together because I have given up the same food to get the best results with both. What food have I given up? Anything FUN! No more iced caramel lattes from Dunkin, 😒and certainly no more ice cream from Carvel. So to say my diet is extremely boring is an understatement, but cheat day?! Honey!! Those are the best. 😋

Heres what I no longer eat:
– Caffeine ( That’s right no more coffee unless its decaf, ill share my favorites with you!)
– Dairy( No ice cream, butter, milk, sour cream or yogurt.)
– Beef  ( Bye Bye cheeseburger with bacon and fried onions ☹️)
– Citrus fruits
– Tomatoes ( No more homemade sauce on Sunday.)
– Eggplant (Throwing shade on those shade vegetables.)
– Spinach
– Soy sauce
– Spicy or hot food ( Back away from the tacos! 🌮)
– Seafood 🍤

These are my triggers, and I have tips on how to get creative and still love the food you eat!

If you already know your triggers, please share!